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Spain Hidden Secrets and Dirty TricksSPAIN: Hidden Secrets & Dirty Tricks

is a very different kind of Spain travel guide: It lets you in on dozens of secrets and tricks to traveling throughout Spain in high style at a budget price like no other guide does! Its many tips and warnings are guaranteed to save you several hundred dollars, and the special knowledge revealed in its pages will help you get the very most out of every day of your trip, no matter what part of Spain you visit.


Some of the many insider tips revealed in this guide will show you how to get:  


            Free airfare 

             ● Free car rental upgrades 

             ● Free, security monitored parking in crowded cities 

             ● “4 star” hotel rooms at “2 star” prices 

             ● Free travelers’ checks             

             ● Free road maps of Spain 

             ● Free city maps of Spain 

             ●The very best rate of exchange possible 

             ●A list of every lodging establishment in Spain, with their amenities & rates, and how to contact

              them directly 


SPAIN: Hidden Secrets & Dirty Tricksalso includes: 


             ●Detailed descriptions of the different types of Spanish eating establishments and how they


             ●An exhaustive food and drink section to help you decipher menus 

             ●A guide to Spaniards’ expectations of tips that will save you $$$ 

             ●Descriptions of common Spanish scams and con-games 

             ●Spanish customs, habits, idiosyncrasies and taboos 

             ●Tips on how to buy antiques in Spain, as well as shipping things home 

             ●How to make bus, ferry, train and hotel reservations 


And much, much more!




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  by Ric Hajovsky:


Info you will not get from a
   tour guide!  Be sure and read this
   before you see Tulum.

the Secrets of Xcaret
  Beneath the park of Xcaret lies an
   astounding amount of history.
  Read this before you go to
   understand where to look for it.

Mexico Survival Manual
  Thinking of Moving to Mexico?
  Read this first!

Sapin, Hidden Secrets and Dirty Tricks
  Save hundreds of dollars on your
   trip to Spain and have the best
   trip of your life!

You can't get there from here! by Ric Hajovsky
An account of the search for Paradise Lost.   

Trader Ric, part 1
  Non-fiction account Ric's
   experience with the Kuna Indians
   of the San Blas Islands of Panama.

Trader Ric, part 2
  More of Ric's adventures along the
   coast of Veraguas, Panama on the
   trail of Christopher Columbus.

Trader Ric, part 3
  The third installment of Ric's
   adventures, this time with the
   Ndjuka Maroons of Suriname.

The History of Horseshoes
  Ever wonder how horseshoes came
   to be?  Read this and you will

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 Cozumel Survival Manual

  Whether you are looking to move

to Cozumel permanently, or just

part time, this is the book you

need to read!



Guide to San Gervasio 

Visiting the ruins? Get this guide before you go!



 the Free Big Yellow Beachmap of Cozumel

  A map with the city of San Miguel

on one side and the entire island

on the other side


The true history of Cozumel by Ric Hajovsky

 No myths, fables or legends.

Only the real history; most of which will surprise you!